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CAMFT | ACTCFBonnie Mason is a Supervisor with Canadian Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT) #2017144

Bonnie's Approach to Supervision and Consultation

Bonnie began attending clinical supervision in 1995 while in the position of director and senior counsellor for Burnaby Youth Services. This agency provided a counselling services for the Burnaby RCMP. It was while in the position of a supervisor she realized the importance of attending regular supervision. It was at this point she began the 10 year journey of becoming a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist with (CAMFT). Shortly after this achievement in 2006 she began the process of completing another two years of requirements to become a Supervisor with CAMFT. She continues after 20 years to attend supervision with a Registered Psychology/CAMFT Supervisor, as it is her level of commitment to her profession.

Bonnie uses the Satir Growth Model along with several other theories she has integrated over the past 30 years to guide and educate her supervises. It is a belief of the Satir Model that therapists need to grow in their own self-esteem, self-confidence, competence and eventually they will become congruent. Being congruent means comfortable, skilled and grounded with you own approach to therapy, this integration takes years of training, experience and clinical supervision. The process of supervision not only includes clinical understanding of clients ,it addresses what may be happening for the therapist with in the context of the therapy relationship.

Bonnie’s experience in private practice has been very valuable as she is a great resource and quick to share, guide and support therapists in supervision with her. She is fully supportive and knowledgeable which makes her an important resource in offering guidance on difficult cases. Her invaluable insights and supportive approach make for an excellent opportunity to grow as a therapist. I have very much appreciated all that she has offered me over the years and I continue to access her services as a mentor and supervisor.

- - Diane Schwartz MA, RCC, White Rock, BC


Counsellors seeking to become a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (CAMFT) can obtain the necessary supervision hours. Bonnie also meets the requirements for the BC Association of Clinical Counsellor (BCACC) approved supervisor.

There are some counsellors in private practice, agencies, and school settings that work in isolation of direct supervision. Some of these individuals have make the commitment to seek supervision and recognize the benefit to having guidance, support and continued learning. Bonnie currently provides group supervision (3-6 therapists) and individual supervision.

Rates for Supervision

$150.00 per hour for individual
$150.00 per therapist for 3 hours of group

When and Where

Supervision/consulting is available in person at the Chemaimus location. I also offer Zoom or phone supervision; please book a time here. I also offer Zoom/phone for all other communities.

To inquire about joining a group or attending individual supervision please call Bonnie Mason at 250-416-7594 or e-mail You can also book online.

Over the past five years, Bonnie has offered her expertise through consultation and clinical supervision, which has been a fundamental piece of my professional development and successful career in private practice. I have shared with Bonnie a wide range of questions including clinical situations to professional and business consultation and she has always provided the knowledge, instruction, ideas and support. My professional standards and expectations are high, as well integrity is of most importance to me and Bonnie's supervision continues to be invaluable. She is insightful, focussed and encouraging having made my supervision experience inspiring. I certainly endorse her work as a clinical supervisor.

- DB, Therapist, Langley, BC

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