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Saying Goodbye to Our Pets

Bonnie and MajorIn March 2015 we said goodbye to Major (yellow Lab) after having his loyal friendship for over 13 years. We discovered only days before he was suffering from stomach cancer while away in Mexico with us. He was lucky enough to have had several vacations in the sun, ocean and beaches. As his illness was rapid and aggressive there was no choice but to end his pain. It was then that our pain began, the shock, the numbing disbelief and intense feelings of loss. Grief is an exhausting process. The unconditional love and trust that Major gave us every day will always be treasured. His time with us made our lives more meaningful, rich with memories and provided a comfort that only a dog can offer.

Major touched the hearts of many children in the practice over his life; he could warm the hearts of some of the saddest children I have seen over the years. He was good at making everyone laugh with his loving personality and his stuffed duck that he had to show everyone he met. Returning home from Mexico without him was very difficult as I needed to tell many children that Major had passed away. The first several weeks I could not talk about him with my clients, many asked and some shared my tears. It was heart warming to know so many people loved him, and expressed their care with cards and gifts to ease my grief. Having a therapy dog is a rich experience and so rewarding, yet I never considered that so many children would also miss him.

Major in the oceanMajor had a wonderful life full of adventure, he sailed, mountain climbed, hiked, swam in every body of water he could, ran alongside my mountain bike for many years and most of all he was always with us.

Thank you Major for being a wonderful friend to many. It is now time to rest, you deserve it, rest in peace and remember “I will always Love you.”

Good-bye my friend.

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