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Privacy Policy & Procedures for Protection of Personal Information for Bonnie Mason & Associates Counselling Inc.

Bonnie Mason is the designated Privacy Officer for this Agency.

Please see for a guideline to the Personal Information Privacy Act.

Bonnie Mason & Associates Counselling Inc. will be referred to as (the agency) in this document. The agency collects personal information on clients during the intake process of counselling. Information directly related to contact information such as: address, phone numbers, e- mail, physicians information, and referral source are for the sole use of the agency. This information is collected for the purpose providing a direct service. This Information is not shared with parties outside the agency. All forms of contact with individuals outside the agency are only done with a signed consent from the client. The agency adheres to the set out guidelines of (PIPA).

The agency and all members of the agency are members of a Registered Licensing Body. Please see the biography of the counsellor you are seeing for more details on their credentials and designation. This information can be found at under the top bar (associates).

All files are documented, maintained, stored and destroyed in accordance with the counsellors licensing designation. All questions, concerns or complaints are to be directed to the Privacy Officer of this agency.

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