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At times parents find themselves struggling to understand certain challenging behaviours and wonder if the behaviour is normal for their child's developmental stage. Children may express their needs in ways that make no logical sense to an adult. At times parents have unrealistic expectations given their child's developmental level of cognitive and emotional understanding. Adlerian Psychology believes all behaviours have a purpose/goal, children often do not have the skills to communicate their needs. As family therapists we aim to support and encourage parents to explore the underlying meaning of challenging behaviours. When challenging behaviours either go ignored or over reacted to they all too often become a pattern within a family that can be destructive to family harmony. We assess each unique child and family; our therapists will work together with parents to determine new ways of addressing family concerns.

angry childWorking with your child’s therapist you will be supported in exploring your feelings and reactions in relationship to your child’s difficulties. These feelings and expectations that you may not be aware of can get in the way of the relationship you desire with your child. At times your own childhood hurts and disappointments may cause a reaction you do not understand. You will learn with the guidance of your counsellor new parenting skills and behaviour management strategies. Depending on what is happening for your child you may need to learn specialized therapeutic parenting techniques, such as advanced listening, connecting and comforting techniques. If your child has experienced a trauma you will need to learn new parenting skills to support them in their healing. When children experience a trauma normal parenting styles and books will not be sufficient to support your child in their recovery and healing process. You will also be updated on your child’s progress if he/she is in play therapy; you will be given feedback and observations we have made in the playroom. Being involved in the entire process also allows you to provide your counsellor with updates on home and school issue, and changes in behaviours.

 “As Family Therapists we value & appreciate all members of a family”

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