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Counselling for Adolescents in Surrey & White Rock

Adolescence is a developmental stage involving the transition between childhood to adulthood (13 -18). This stage of development is known for its physical, cognitive, emotional and social changes. One of the many things adolescents need to achieve during this period is making their own decisions. They are faced with deciding on what friends they want in their life, how to spend their own money, what to study in school, and of course all the difficult challenges of drugs or alcohol. As a result of all these challenges they begin the process of distancing from their families. This alone can present a struggle for some families. As parents, it may be difficult to determine what is normal behaviour and what you should be concerned about. Adolescents also begin to crave time alone in their rooms listening to music and talking with friends.

Teens GossipingAs a parent you may be overwhelmed with worries and fears about your adolescents’ choices and behaviours. A compassionate and skilled family therapist can make this stage of your parenting more enjoyable and fulfilling. As a parent of an adolescent you may struggle with trusting your judgment in issues involving your teen and letting go of control in new areas. We provide family therapy for adolescents and their parents to assist in communication, strengthening their relationship and problem solving skills. Our therapists have extensive experience and a caring approach to connecting with adolescents. We also offer individual support to adolescents with the overwhelming challenges they face in today's society. If you are concerned about the behaviour or emotional well-being of an adolescent that you care for feel free to call Bonnie and discuss how we can assist you.

The practice is highly respected in the community for its therapeutic work with adolescents. We have been accepting referrals from the local high schools for the past 18 years. Given the wide range of expertise within the practice your adolescent will receive the highest quality of support and therapy.

Some of reasons that adolescents or parents seek counselling and psychotherapy:

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